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End Mills

End Mills

▶Uitable material: nylon, resin, abs, acrylic, pvc, mdf, hardwood and other three-dimensional sculpture, surface machining, etc 

▶High quality, special used for cutting aluminum and copper material 

▶Ideal for 3D relief sculpturing, cutting, engraving, slotting, milling, etc

  • Two Flutes DIN327 Size
  • Material
  • Four Flutes DIN844 Size
  • Three Flutes DIN844B Size
  • Single Flutes Size
  • HSS End Mill Set
Two Flutes DIN327 Size

 Two Flutes DIN327 Size.png


 Step Drills material.png

Four Flutes DIN844 Size

 Four Flutes DIN844 Size.png

Three Flutes DIN844B Size

 Three Flutes DIN844B Size.png

Single Flutes Size

 Single Flutes Size.png

HSS End Mill Set

 HSS End Mill Set.png